25. 8. 2014

Peplum cat

Hello Ladies,

Back from the holiday I want to share this look which I wore some time during summer. Regarding the holiday it was one of a kind experience and we sort out and edit our pictures then I will definitely show you some. So stay tuned till then.

Peplum has been on lately for me, I bought these shoes and knew that they will pair with the bag nicely.. I kept rest of the outfit black to add more drama. My recent purchase was done at botovo.cz and cannot even praise them more as the shipment was extremely fast, this is how I like it, thanks.
Now we started to have the autumn weather so I am in doubt if I still be able to wear those shoes this year.
How was your holiday, anyway? Let me know, thanks for sharing!

What am I wearing?

Peplum top: H&M, my suggestion
Skirt: Unknown brand, a gift, my suggestion
Heels: Botovo.cz, my suggestion
Bag: F&F, my suggestion
Belt: H&M, my suggestion
Necklace: Turkey, Grand Bazaar, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice rest of the week!
Love, Aňa

9. 8. 2014

White out

Hello fashion ladies,

In case you have not noticed you can start following me on Instagram @ classianaag. As right now I am in the middle of packing for our long wished holiday, we will be away for two weeks in Kenya and I will try to share my adventures over there more easily then via blogger. 

To the outfit I was wearing to the office: It is another simple but I think yet chic combination with my white blazer. Recently is lace top very in for the summer days. But as we have already August, can you believe it?, we have again cold mornings back and I had to have something on, as I am always cold. Black jeans are a classic piece in my closet and I would never tell that I would be wearing them so often. They go with just everything. To spice it up a bit, I chose my leopard flats. They are not of typical color combo, but mix of fresh lime green, pink and yellow and very comfortable to wear. Tell me, how do you fight the morning chill?

What am I wearing?

Blazer: H&M, my suggestion
Top: F&F,  my  suggestion
Jeans: Primark, my suggestion
Shoes: H&M, my suggestion
Clutch: Unknown brand a gift, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by and for sharing with me,
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Love, Aňa

5. 8. 2014

Blue leopard

Hello Ladies,

In the morning colder but later on pretty fine. Added the hot pink belt to break the blue colours. Golden bag just to make it more fun. Jeans were initially bought by my sister in Mango sales, somehow she did not fit in it, and I was very eager to adopt them :-D. Thank you sista. I love the leopard print, it makes those thight jeans a lot sexier. You have seen the blouse already and this is another option how to pair it. I know I got stuck with jeans again, but this is always when I am in a hurry. Let me know what you throw on when you are running late :D?

What am I wearing?

Jeans: Mango in Sales, my suggestion different pattern
Heels: Deichmann, my suggestion to give it a bit of edge
Bag: H&M in Sales, my suggestion
Jacket: Primark old, my suggestion really loving it

Thanks for sharing and stopping by!
Have a wonderful week,
Love, Aňa

1. 8. 2014

Flowery leopard

Hello Ladies,

Easy breezy summer outfit for chilly afternoons. We took a stroll around Ostravica and we really like how it has transformed over last few years. Now it is a great place to go jogging, to walk a dog or stroll. And it is always on our way to the tearoom Šambala, which we have discovered during winter while trying to get warm :D, since then it is our favourite place to rest and enjoy peaceful atmosphere plus the tea is so tasty and those meals, you have to try youself. Anyway the bomber jacket is from London and the fabric is so light but warm, pattern is like flowers mixed with leopard. Sandals are from Madrid from holiday long time ago.
Enjoy and let me know your favourite tea room, or if you prefer coffee....

What am I wearing?

Skirt: Reserved old, my suggestion
Shirt: F&F, my suggestionn
Sandals: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Necklace: CCC, my suggestion
Bomber jacket: Primark, my suggestion
Bag: Primark old, my suggestion
Sunglasses: Prada, my suggestion
Earings: Unknown brand, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by,
Love, Aňa