25. 8. 2014

Peplum cat

Hello Ladies,

Back from the holiday I want to share this look which I wore some time during summer. Regarding the holiday it was one of a kind experience and we sort out and edit our pictures then I will definitely show you some. So stay tuned till then.

Peplum has been on lately for me, I bought these shoes and knew that they will pair with the bag nicely.. I kept rest of the outfit black to add more drama. My recent purchase was done at botovo.cz and cannot even praise them more as the shipment was extremely fast, this is how I like it, thanks.
Now we started to have the autumn weather so I am in doubt if I still be able to wear those shoes this year.
How was your holiday, anyway? Let me know, thanks for sharing!

What am I wearing?

Peplum top: H&M, my suggestion
Skirt: Unknown brand, a gift, my suggestion
Heels: Botovo.cz, my suggestion
Bag: F&F, my suggestion
Belt: H&M, my suggestion
Necklace: Turkey, Grand Bazaar, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice rest of the week!
Love, Aňa

2 komentáře:

  1. Hotová pastva pro oči, moc pěkně se na tebe kouká ;-). Šaty jsou krásný a doplňky třešnickou na dortu. Mňam ;-).

    1. Vdaka Vivi tvoj komentar ma rozhodne velmi potesil, stav sa castejsie, :-D, som skukla i tvoj blog a krasa, mas krasne fotky a unikatne stylizovane... vintage je proste cool