30. 5. 2014

Stripes here, stripes there

Hello Ladies,

another favourite piece of mine, this blouse. I have told you about it here. I was able to take it out again and pair it with these fantastic patterned jeans. I bought them last year, at the end of the summer season of course in Sales. I was waiting patiently till the price drops down. I wanted white plain jeans but when I saw these with this fabulous pink blue pattern I was trapped. I used them since them almost every week. I wore them to our wonderful holiday to Maledives and can say that they were the best option even though we were travelling and I was afraid they will get dirty. They survived and I love the pictures we took. Sandals are again a great Sales hunt - Baťa was having summer sale and I was trying two different types of heels but pretty much of the same style. These have won only because they do not have platform plus heel. Have to say that in comparison to my sista, I am small but, but in comparison with average people I am average tall and a bit higher (174 cm), so the point is, I am tooo big in heels with platform, therefore I try to avoid such shoes. Maybe they look great but not on my feet and long legs. I rather leave those enourmously extremely high heels for smaller girls. :-D

We went for a walk during weekend as that is what we are doing quite often lately and went for a coffee to Minikino kavárna. It was our first time here but we totally enjoy it. It was very crowdy outside but the cheesecake there and coffee was delicious and very tasty. We are really recommending it. Anyway, what is your favourite place to go for a coffee in Ostrava?

What am I wearing?

Jeans: H&M in Sales, my suggestion or this jeans
Sandals: Baťa in Sales, but my suggestion and loving these
Bag: Unknown brand from Italy, my suggestion
Sunglasses: Humanic, my suggestion
Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
Love, Aňa

28. 5. 2014

Effortlessly chic

Hello Ladies,

lately, besides dress I have been loving this type of clothing - jeans, nice shirt and jacket. To release my feet again I put on these awesome cuban Oxfords. Why Cuban? Well, look at the perforated pattern. It just reminds me so much of Havana and Cuba style. If you don't think so, then we definitely have a different idea of Cuba :-D but that is life. These jeans are on repeat these days, I hemmed the bottoms to give it a different twist.

What am I wearing?

Shirt: F&F, in Sales, my suggestion
Jacket: Reserved, my suggestion
Shoes: La Farfalla, unfortunately do not have website, but  my suggestion
Jeans: Zara, my suggestion
Belt: Unknown brand, USA, my suggestion
Watch: Michael Kors, my suggestion
Bag: uknown brand, but my suggestion or this one, or this one
Bracelet: Takko Fashion, but not featured on website, my suggestion

Hope you like it!
Thanks for stopping by and let me know what is your idea of Cuba!
Love, Aňa

27. 5. 2014

Bring the sexy back

Hello hello Ladies,

summer is coming very fast... I still feel that I need to cover a bit. But the morning chill will not stop me to wear my dress. This one particular is a gift from my mother in law. Somehow she managed to buy the right size which looks great on me. Don't you think? Love the zip detail, in some situation would say that it is very dangerous but when you have your man by your side nothing should happen. At least I believe it, :-D. Love the ruffly details around the neck. I also like the upper part of the dress which makes it look bigger than it is. The colour is a mixture between blue and violet but very in, in my opinion. The material is very pleasent so it emphasizes the hourglass figure. What the shoes concerns, these are quite old bought again during my traveling in Barcelona. Nowadays this trend of open toes is coming back again, but basically I feel like it never left the scene :-D at all. 

What am I wearing?

Dress: Armani Jeans, a gift, my suggestion, very sexy, hot sexy
Shoes: Unknown brand, from Barcelona, my suggestion, very sexy and hot sexy
Envelope bag: Reserved, very old, my suggestion or sexy 
Jacket: seen here
Earings: Orsay, old

Hope you enjoy and have a nice week!
Thanks for stopping by,
Love, Aňa

24. 5. 2014

Peacock dress

Morning Ladies,

I want to share an easy dressy look from last few days. I think there is nothing that easy than throwing on a cute dress which emphasizes your silhouette and decent neutral accessories. I love dressses as I have mentioned many times before, I just love them. They are for me very easy option when in doubt what to wear. And to say this I have quite many of them. I always try to buy some dress when I am travelling, just to have that memory, that this dress was bought in Bali, or Grand Canaria, or in Germany or France....Somehow this connection with particular country makes the dress more special to me! So, do not be afraid of bringing out your feminity and put on some beautiful dress. Summer is coming and dress is a MUST!

What am I wearing?

Dress: Gate, very old, my suggestion for you or Zara dress or this one
Heels: Unknown brand but my suggestion or these ones or these
Bag: Orsay, in Sales, very old but my suggestion or this one or this one or red one
Cardigan: Primark, very old, my suggestion or this one or this classic
Necklace: Gate, very old
Earings: Gate, old as well
Watch: Gift from husband
Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
Love, Aňa

22. 5. 2014

Leopard love

Hello Ladies,

there were times when I was afraid to wear leopard pattern or any big pattern, somehow it was not in my nature to bring the attention to me or my outfit. I wanted to play it on the safe side. But the times have changed and me as well. I am not afraid anymore and I would even say that I love love love this particular pattern, I have few more pieces and dress with it. This dress was another catch - it was in smaller size then I usually wear but once I tried it on, it fit perfectly like it was just meant to be for me. So I bought the dress and it is sooo comfortable and wearable that you would not even imagine. I had worn it to many ocassions and still when I am in doubt and in hurry, this is a suitable piece of garment. I pair it with pastel pink shoes as the dress is not in traditional brown colour but in colour with a small touch of violet. There is a cute bow on the side. This time I wore also a jacket with longer back and belt to emphasize the waist area. As you can see even the inside fabric of the jacket is with leopar pattern, wrrrrr. I am holding my new wallet, a gift from my man from his business trip. Thanks again hun!

What am I wearing?

Jacket: Guess, a gift but loving this one or this one
Belt: part of a dress from Orsay, which I usually wear like 
Heels: F&F from last season, but have seen them again in stores, good posibility for summer or these ones or from Botovo
Wallet: Mango
Dress: F&F from last year, nice option or cheaper one
Necklace: H&M in Sales, interesting possibility or this one

Please enjoy and have a nice sunny day,
Love, Aňa

20. 5. 2014


Hello Ladies,

do you know that feeling when you like something so much that you want it so badly, but somehow there is no cash left. Only thing what is left to do is daydreaming, so today here are few of my daydreams. Below are links for those cute things above, I tried to put in into chronological order:

blouse, sleeveles shirt , sleeveles dress , figure fit dress, bandeau dress , leopard shirt , flower heels , black heels with flowers , bagpurple flats


blue dress , blue lace up heels , heels with leopard ,  moto jacket , bag with strap , bag , snakeskin heelspointy flats

Thanks for stoppiong by girls,
Enjoy the rest of the day!
Love, Aňa

19. 5. 2014

Carneval of taste

Hello Ladies,

yesterday we visited a food festival here in Ostrava. I knew that we will be walking quite a lot, so I put some neutral flats on and a favourite combination - ripped jeans, simple basic white T and a nice blazer. As we still have some cold days, and honestly I am cold most of the year I had to throw on the moto jacket and scarf.
We did try some of the food and of course I have to share it with you, at least in pictures as we tasted them, chronological order. 

What was awesome, was really the fallow meat with grilled celery and the potato soup with grilled onion peels and bacon. Their dessert was meringue with mint cream and raspberries, very refreshing:  Jan Maria Hotel

Then I had a great starter at the booth  of Hotel Bonum which we have been to also last year and had the best food in our honest opionion. This year it was more simple but the starter was  very refreshing especially great was the dry pork pieces with salad. Hotel Bonum

Dessert was the best at the Imperial Hotel restaurant booth. Rhubarb with almond crumb and some delicious sauce and strawbery and blueberries. Hotel Imperial

 We tried many wines as there were also wineries presenting their stuff and we bought altogether 6 bottles. unfortunately not in the pictures. 

What am I wearing:

T-shirt: New Yorker, old in Sales, similar
Shoes: Reserved, old in Sales, similar or similar
Jeans: Zara, seen here
Blazer: F&F, a bit similar
Bag: Guess, a gift, seen here
Moto Jacket: Primark old, seen here but loving this one
Scarf: F&F
Necklace: H&M, mentioned here

Thanks for reading and stopping by!
Love, Aňa

18. 5. 2014

Red hot

Hello Ladies,

obviously I have been loving my new bag and kicks a lot and wearing them quite a lot. So there you have another dosis of them :-D and please do not be mad! Once is sometimes cool and nice why not to enjoy it! This jacket was a good catch. It was the last one in red colour on the hanger among all the black jackets. And I have already 3 black blazers, so I wanted to englighten my closet with bright colours as the red definitely is. Delicate bijou pieces as earings and necklace from Istanbul and this fabulous red striped shirt just makes the easy outfit really cool one.

What am I wearing?

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: black Primark, very old
Shoes: Reno, seen here
Jacket: F&F, unfortunately not yet online, but similar or similar
Bag: seen here
Earings: Gate
Necklace: Grand Bazar in Istanbul
Sunglasses: Humanic

Hope you enjoy it,
Have a nice and wonderful Sunday,
Thanks for reading and stepping by!
Love, Aňa