30. 6. 2014

Justin in da house

Hello girls,

just a quick post with my outfit which I wore like three weeks ago for a Justin Timberlakes's concert. I was in a hurry, as we have travelled few hours from Ostrava to Prague and had some issues with our car, and it was raining and I had to work as well. So, this was my safe option, lately my very favourite option, not to be cold and not to be too warm. therefore that scarf as I am very sensitive for the weather changes and most of the time I am cold :D.

By the way concert was amazing, really a great party, we danced the whole two hours, so very exhausting, we sang along and had superb time, hope that the others as well. 

Anyway I was in awe, how many great and trendy dressed people I saw  in Prague. I felt like we have no idea what is IN or even cool in Ostrava or any other parts in the Czech Rep or Slovakia -besides Blava, right. Well, I understand that clothes are not everything and many people cannot afford some expensive brands but still I believe that you can look awesome and put together under the budget. What do you think?

Btw, Happy 1st of July! Summer begins, so enjoy it!

What am I wearing?

Jacket: F&F, my suggestion but in dark blue really worth that money this piece
Shirt: Bershka old, my suggestion
Jeans: Zara, my suggestion
Kicks: Reno, my suggestion
Bag:  Baťa
Scarf: Earth shop in US, my suggestion

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by,
Love, Aňa

28. 6. 2014

Yellow as a sun

Hello Ladies,

this post is built up around the skirt. Again a skirt that is at least for me a great piece to be paired. Due to its pattern it can be combined with black, white, neutral, yellow. This time I have chosen my shirt from Zara bought ages ago. As it was hot I just throw jacket of tuxedo style for the morning and sandals to cool down a bit in the heat. Purse is just a classic piece which I am wearing very often. What is your classic bag to use for classic moments?

What am I wearing?

Skirt: Reserved, my suggestion or this one
Shirt: Zara in Sales old, my suggestion or this one
Sandals: CCC, my suggestion ot this fancies
Bag: H&M in Hungary, my suggestion or this cool one
Sunglasses: Prada, my suggestion
Jacket: Reserved, my suggestion
Necklace: Grand Bazaar, Turkey, my suggestion
Earings: a gift, my suggestion

Hope you like it,
Love, Aňa

26. 6. 2014

Stripes of a different kind

Hello Ladies,

shorts are the best friends of all girls especially in the hot hot weather. This one were bought ages ago, but still serve their best when pairing with some shirts or blouses or tops or with everything. The white colour is very trendy and I already bought 2 white dresses which I plan to put on once the weather is again warmer. These pics were taken during the first really hot week in June, but to tell you honestly, in the office I was pretty cold in those shorts :-D, yes AC is not really my big friend.

What am I wearing?

Shorts: New Yorker, very old, my suggestion
Blouse: H&M in Sales, my suggestion or this one and this one is a real luxury
Necklace: H&M, my suggestion
Bag: F&F, my suggestion
Heels: F&F Tenerife, my suggestion
Sunglasses: Prada a gift, my suggestion

Hope you like it, and tell me what is your ultimate summer go to piece?
Thanks for stopping by,
Love, Aňa

24. 6. 2014

Eternall Classic

Hello Ladies,

difficult meeting in front of me made me to wear something nice and sharp, looking professional and reliable. Hope that this white black combination did it for me.  Unfortunately due to hurry, was not able to capture the leopard pattern of this cute skirt. Jacket is new and of course bought in Sales in H&M.
Who would not buy something for its half price? Right?
By the way Mango has 50% off and H&M as well, so go and check those cute dresses, of all possible kinds!! Anyway what is your eternall classic, let me know :-D.

What am I wearing?

Skirt: H&M in Sales, my suggestion
Jacket: H&M in Sales, my suggestion
Shoes: Tamaris, my suggestion
Bag: H&M very old, in Sales, my suggestion
Shirt: F&F in Sales, my suggestion

Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by,
Love, Aňa

20. 6. 2014

Gone Shoppin

Hey Girls,

just a quick post from weeks ago. Unfortunately this last two weeks are a bit busy. Short trip to London and my B-day party in South Moravia tomorrow. There is quite a lot going on. Anyway, this is one of those comfortable outfits, where you just want to hang out and do what you need. The bag is just too cool to be left at home so again favourite combo of my kicks and bag.

What am I wearing?

Denim shirt: F&F,my suggestion in Sales Zara
shirt: F&F, my suggestion in Sales Zara
Jeans: Zara, my suggestion in Sales Zara
Kicks: Reno, my suggestion from Baťa
Bag: Baťa

Hope you enjoy reading it, thanks for stopping by.

Love, Aňa

11. 6. 2014

Gimme a boat cuz I am a sailor

Hey Girls,

I totally fell in love with my red white striped bag and cannot get enough of it. So many of my outfits are being created around it. Pairing red and navy blue has been never that easy. I had this shirt for ages from Mango and I still love its pattern a lot. Red jeans, my recent obsession and dark blue blazer. Blue heels and I go to work. Hope you like it!

What I wore:

Jeans: Lindex
Heels: Deichmann
Shirt: Mango, very old
Bag: Baťa
Jacket: H&M

My suggestion:

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, Aňa

9. 6. 2014

Print season

Hello hello,

I do not know if you have noticed or not but this year seem to be a print season. Every kind of print, leopard, zebra, peacock, etno, galactic....any kind as I said :D....
Leopard is becoming my go to print as well, lately. When in hurry just put on some fitting jeans, heels, leopard blouse and black jacket. The bag is brown but not visible on the picture, I do not even think that you would like it, as I said I was in a hurry :-D.

What I wore?

Jeans: Primark old, my suggestion
Heels: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Bag: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Blouse: C&A in Germany, my suggestion
Jacket: Reserved, my suggestion
Trenchcoat: very old from C&A, my suggestion

And this is how would my suggestion look like - all the clothes available so do not be afraid to check those out in Mango and no this is not a sponsored post:

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the nice weather!
Love, Aňa

8. 6. 2014

Red is the new black

Hello Ladies,

red is becoming a very favourite colour of mine. As I have already mentioned, in the past I was scared to wear red just to be a centre of attention, at least I though that people will look at me like that. But now, somehow over the years I have gained confidence of wearing what I like the way I like. Trust me, sometimes it is really a risk and sometimes it is just a great hit!

Last weekend we went for a walk near Ostrava, to dam called Olešná and I really like it here. Many people do the same, as it is always very crowdy with inliners and bikers and people as us just taking a stroll.
What is your favourite place to take a walk? Let me know, just curious!

What I wore?

Jeans: Lindex, my suggestion
Shoes: Reno, my suggestion
Jacket: H&M, my suggestion
Shirt: Primark old, my suggestion
Shirt with long sleeves: New Yorker, my suggestion
Bag: Baťa, my suggestion
Scarf: Earth shopn in the US, my suggestion
Earings: a gift, but regular hoops

So, enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
Love, Aňa

7. 6. 2014

My big B-day

Hello Ladies,

this week was really busy. I had to take some exam requiered from my job, so I was studying really hard, just to be able to pass the test on Friday, when my B-day was. Plus we went to see Justin Timberlake in Prague. So we were travelling also during the night, plus the work and study.... well obviously I had no time to post anything. But I have tried to get some pictures from almost everything what happend this week.

Yesterday I officially turned 30. Well, when I see the number it comes to me that I start to get old. And apparently those wrinkles on my forehead and grey hair around my face just proves that I am no longer a teenage girl. Although I still feel like one. :-D I think I am still very young at spirit and I talk sometimes like crazy 20's girl, and of course I still learn. I learn a lot and every day, and I still get it, that even that high number I still have a long way towards wisdom and maturity. Which again makes me feel very young. So, just forget the number, because it is only a number and have fun  in life, make mistakes and learn and do not be afraid of trying things and enjoy every day. You never know how long you will be here.

To my outfit, I have this dress already for two years, bought them of course in Sales in H&M. As you have noticed, I buy clothes mostly in sales. Is it because of the price. I know that sometimes it is great to invest some money.... but sometimes you know that even that piece look great, it is not worthy 800 CZK, it really is not....So, this dress cost 300 CZK and I love it. I wore it to my friends wedding, to my husbands company dinner, to theater and to my B-day! Finished it with beautiful long earings which match perfectly with the colour and with the pattern of flower to the dress and a beautiful summer purse in crazy colour but with snakeskin design. Pastel pink nude heels and off we went for a dinner. We went to my favourite restaurant Comedor, where they cook Mexican and Spanish dishes, which I obviosly LOVE! I love the design of the restaurant, their wines and their desserts. 

What I wore?

Heels: F&F, my suggestion or these or these
Purse: Takko Fashion, my suggestion or this one
Bracelet: Takko Fashion, my suggestion
Earings: Gate
Tights: F&F

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! Let me know which is your favourite restaurant in Ostrava!
Love, Aňa

4. 6. 2014

Let's go to work... again...

Hello Ladies,

this time I wanted to look super classy... although when I saw the pictures I was laughing really hard. Why? Well, I look more as a teacher, so maybe this look can be suitable for a business event or job interview or just anywhere where you want to look classy, conservative but powerful at the same time thanks to the red colour. Little black dress is a must to have for every girl or women out there. It is such a versatile piece and so easy to find, as there are hundreds of possibilites. Anyway I lately fell in love with the red colour as it give me certain feeling of power. So be brave and wear some colour for the spring and summer!

What am I wearing?

Trench coat: C&A very old, similar and love this one but it is in beige
Jacket: F&F unfortunately not yet online, but similar or similar
Dress: Orsay very old similarsimilar, similar 
Heels: Tamaris old, similar
Scarf: F&F old
Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma, old a gift
Earings: Gate

Thank you very much for reading and stopping by!
Love Aňa

1. 6. 2014

Pink etno

Hello Ladies,

summer is coming very slowly. One week is hot, one week is cold... somehow for me problematic what to dress. So black jeans, nice shirt and cute flats for whole day running are the key. Loose cardigan for cold morning and I am off to work. Good old pieces. Love the etno look of that shirt. I have few shirts and blouses of this style, meaning the tailoring. But in this case the pattern is what makes the shirt interesting. Right!? Let me know your opinion in comments.Thanks.

What am I wearing?

Shirt: F&F, old, my suggestion or this one or this one
Jeans: Primark, old, my suggestion
Flats: La Farfalla, unfortunately not on website, but very old, my suggestion
Bag: from Indonesia, my suggestion or this one
Cardigan: Promod, my suggestion

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
Love, Aňa