3. 11. 2014

Weekend wear

Hello to all of you who are eager to find out what I wore over last few weekends!

As we were blessed with amazing indian summer here in Czech Republic, I could not be more happy than wishing to wear one layer less, but unfortunately the weather is getting a bit colder so right now you have to imagine these outfits with some coat on top. In both of the outfits plays the key role the loose cardigan with beautiful autumn colours.

First option was worn to the technical museum, so I needed  comfy shoes for long hours of walking and warm cardigan in case of too much AC which I unfortunately bare very poorly.  I wanted to accentuate my waist so I put on my favourite belt on. Basic shirt underneath and nice stripy bag were just no brainer. The background is of the Ostrava technical open air museum, known as Dolní Oblast Vítkovice, where many festivals took place during this summer.

What I wore?

Jeans: Zara, my suggestion
Shoes: Bonprix. my suggestion
Cardigan: H&M, my suggestion  
Belt: From summer dress H&M, my suggestion
Shirt: F&F, my suggestion
Necklace: H&M. my suggestion
Bag: Baťa, my suggestion

My second outfit was more leisure appropriate, as I wanted to be super comfy. So I wore my new slip on shoes and black faux leather leggins and denim shirt which I found kinda cool. As the weather started to get old I just threw on this cardigan piece. This kind of outfit I usually wear when I go grocery shopping or for long walk in park.

What I wore?

Leggins: F&F, my suggestion or this one
Denim shirt: F&F, my suggestion
Slip on shoes: Choies, my suggestion
Cardigan: H&M, my suggestion
Bag: LS Fashion, my suggestion

Let me know which one of these two outfits you like the most? I have my favorite already.,..
By the way what do you think of that leafy backround? Isn't it amazing??? 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me, means a lot to me,

Love, Aňa

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