18. 4. 2014

Morning walk

Hello Ladies,

as it is so, another working outfit on my way to work. We have usually lots of fun while walking to our work. We talk a lot and we enjoy the first sun rays. It is always so peaceful in the morning and you can hear the birds singing, it is somehow very calming.  It was cold so I had to have some layers on - consisting of long cardigan and scarf. The dress is very beatiful what the colour concerns and especially the A-line style and it can be only proven by picture from my cousin's wedding, where you see them in pair with other accessories and tights. This time I put on some colour tights which almost matched with the trees around. Again this colour combination seems to me a bit different, but as I said: you have to risk sometimes.

What am I wearing? / Čo mám oblečené?

coat: New Yorker, last season in Sales
Tights: F&F
shoes: Botovo, www.botovo.cz
bag: Spain from holiday
scarft: Unknown brand, a gift

Thanks for reading and stopping by, and I cannot forget to wish you Happy Easter!
Love Aňa

2 komentáře:

  1. ten biely sal alebo satka mi tam neide a pri tvojich tenkych nohach posobia tie cizmy masivne, tak by som tam dala skor nieco jemnejsie...ale tie farby su brutal...like it :)

    1. no vsak prave ked vidim tie fotky tk uvazujem, ze niektore outfity by som si mala este rozmysliet :-D a prave tie nozky....:-D ale aspon clovek vidi jak to posobi na ostatnych a salik je modry ale asi to moc nevidno :-D.. no hlavne nech uz je zima prec... nemusim pk nosit saly :-D