14. 4. 2014

Working outfit Nr. 3

Hello ladies,

here comes another working outfit, and it seems that only thing that I do is only going to work.  More or less it is like that. Imagine how many hours we spent every week at work. I always feel so guilty when I come home and there is so much work to do as well, but no energy left. But this is hard life of working people.

Anyway, not to bore you, I am wearing another pants, as these days are a bit cooler in Ostrava and a sweater with golden touch. The sweater is great, cuz you can pair it with everything, jeans, skirt, formal pants, and it is very comfy. I love those shoes, they have a big wide stable heel and a nice snake pattern.

What am I wearing? / Čo mám oblečené?

knit sweater: Reserved in sales, old
pants: Guess, a gift
shoes: Deichmann in sales
bag: Guess, a gift

Thanks for reading and stopping by,

Love, Aňa

PS: Sorry for the bad bag pictures, somehow did not realize while shooting those, that the bag is not set properly. Anyway, it is really a great one, it can carry quite a lot of things inside and still look cute and small. 

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