23. 9. 2014

Autumn wishlist

Hello Ladies,

the autum is here, yayyy and today I feel like there is some cold going around my nose and I soo much do not want to be sick... ah man.... let's see. Anyway I prepared two pictures of my autumn wishlist and I maybe it will be not that much surprising, but there are booties and vests involved, which are in my opinion must pieces for a transfer season to winter. Even though they can be used also in winter.
Let me know what is your favorite autumn garment!  I am really curios person so share it with me :D.

slip-on shoes
fur vest
knitted jumper
black jumper

Let me know what do you think of these combinations and which one you like the most!

PS: I have cleaned my closet, especially the shoes and if you want to buy something new and cute, go and check out my VotocVohoz account: aninag. I will add some more shoes which I am not able to wear that often and would like to offer them further!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me,
Love, Aňa

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