11. 9. 2014

Red alert

Hello to all red colour lovers,

Lately I have been into pants and jacket combination. This time I chose the red color and add few stripes by shirt and bag. I did not need to wear heels to look sharp so I chose these cute kicks. It is kinda sporty chic look. What do you think? Wearing one color is too much? Or boring? And what about wearing bright colors? Let me know, will be happy to read your comments!

Sorry for too shiny pictures but the sun was rising so early in the morning and I could not look straight into its eyes :-D, so I look kinda tired.

What am I wearing?

Jacket: F&F. my suggestion
Sweater: F&F, my suggestion
Pants: Lindex, my suggestion
Shirt: Bershka, my suggestion
Bag: Baťa, my suggestion
Kicks: Reno,  but I suggest something more classy my suggestion
Necklace: Grand Bazaar Turkey, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me,
Love, Aňa

2 komentáře:

  1. I think that wearing one color is not to much and not boring. This your outfit is beautiful and you are so cute in it! :-)

    1. Thanks Kati for your nice comments,have checked ur blog and obviously u have a great sense of style, like a lot ur fashion creations, lots of greetings to Slovakia