4. 9. 2014

Summer OOTD

Hello everyone,

 hope the first day of school was for some of you painless and fun, and for those who go to work - you know work... so that you survived another day :-D.

This is another outfit with jeans that I love so much. Great pattern does not need anything else. This look I wore back then in summer :-D. But as they said, the warm days are still coming, so I hope you can recreate this look with adding pumps or sneakers, whatever you prefer and feel comfortable in. For the morning I would suggest cardigan or cute jacket or bomber jacket. Let me know how it looks like? I paired my favourite summer jeans with pink belt to add a pop of colour and white sleeveless blouse which I bought ages ago, but still it is a cute piece that I can combine with everything - pants, skirts, shorts, long skirts,.... Love those frills. I rolled up my jeans to add a bit of extra to them, but you can wear them as you wish. The same bag as in previous post, but unfortunately that is my go to work bag :-D. Everything what I need is inside.

What am I wearing?

Jeans: H&M, my suggestion
Heels: Baťa, my suggestion
Blouse: F&F, my suggestion
Belt: F&F, my suggestion
Sunglasses: Prada, my suggestion
Bag: Deichmann, my suggestion
Earings: Uknown brand, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by and reading,
Love, Aňa

2 komentáře:

  1. Great style, nice pics


    1. Thanks Abdelkhalek, have checked your pics and you have lots of great shirts, really cool ones, I bet that my hub would love them, especially that one with a wave.