20. 9. 2014

Kimono Day

Hello Guys,

wanted to share this idea of wearing a kimono blazer which I bought few years ago and since then I truly love the pattern but do not have much guts to wear it. Therefore the simplest and most comfortable combination is of course with black and neutral color. Showing you some diva moments in this kimono, enjoy it :-D!

Anyway, I do not know how about you but if you are really into fashion you have noticed that there are or were several fashion weeks ongoing. Last week there was NY, Prague, London and this week we have Milan, Paris, etc. I have been following these events only via some bloggers and fashion brands which I like to check upon on internet and been trying to figure out what is in there for me for next seasons. I have been thinking if I should somehow cover this topic in my blog or not. But as much as I love fashion I cannot really report on something I was not present to. I think trends come and go, but what stays is the true style. 

So over few years playing with different styles and personas (I think you can even say that when looking at my wardrobe) I am still trying to stick with some classic pieces which are wearable for more than one season and which can in some time be still classy and still cool. Also what we need to keep in mind is that not every trend is just meant to be for us, either because of the cut of that dress or pants and our fantastic figure just not fitting into it, or because of that color which definitely does not suit my skin color. Or just because everyone around me is having the same shoes, it does not mean I should wear them as well. This happens quite often especially in countries where people do not care much about what they are wearing or how they are wearing it and also in school when girls are copying style of certain person, very often the mostly liked and rich girl in the class. But teenagers have the time to grow out of it and there is still the possibility that they will look for their own way of expressing themselves via clothing.
What I wanted to say is that trends are great and you should always give it a try, but still be very thoughtful about what suits you/ your type or not and adopt the trend with your own personal twist. And don' be afraid to ask when in doubt!

What is your view on trends? Have you been following the fashion weeks?Have you been attending the fashion week? What do you like most about them and what not? I am very curious so share it with me!

What am I wearing?

Kimono: H&M, my suggestion
Lace top: F&F, my suggestion or this one
Jeans: Primark, my suggestion
Heels: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Necklace: H&M, my suggestion and this bracelet
Earrings: Unknown brand, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by and sharing!
Love, Aňa

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