29. 9. 2014

Presentation day

Hello Ladies,

the indian summer is coming here!! Yay sooo happy about it, unfortunately I was not able to enjoy to the fullest during the weekend as I have got sick last week and been struggeling since then. Hopefully, this weather will stay with us for longer time so we can enjoy last warm and sunny days. Now to the outfit: I wore it to a presentation at work and it consists of pieces which I like and I feel comfortable in, but still looking smart and a bit feminine. What the presentation consider, I did not count with many people, so to my surprise there was more than hundred of them. You can imagine me, I was really scared. Somehow it went OK, but still I see many gaps where I could improve. So in case you will be next time in similar situation, think of that, that for those who only sit and listen it is always easier and it take guts to get up and speak up. It is a challenge as many others which come along way in our lifes, but do not be afraid of those. I see many people not able to take those challenges, too scared of their failure. They just do not realize how unique are such opportunities and that by accepting the challenge they can only gain, they can learn even from the mistakes and they grow from such experiences. So please do not be afraid to take whatever challenge comes your way! Be brave and challenge yourself!

Do you take challenges in your life? And what are they about? Let me know, you know I am curious. :-D

What am I wearing?

Blazer: Reserved, my suggestion
Skirt: H&M, my suggestion
Top: Unknown brand very old, my suggestion
Bag: Deichmann, my suggestion
Heels: Deichmann, my suggestion
Watch: Michael Kors, my suggestion
Earrings: Unknown brand, my suggestion

Anyway have a great Monday and rest of the week. Thanks for stopping by?
Love, Aňa

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