6. 7. 2014

Bomber day

Hello Ladies,

there was a time when bombers came back to fashion, and the time is now. So, of course I waited patiently for a great one with an awesome pattern and nice colour combination - meaning I can pair it with almost everything. I love when clothes are not only beautiful but also versatile, as what I really need is a piece which is  worn often and do not hang in my closet for years. Maybe just the shoes are a bit out of date, but I love them, they are so light and my feet do not hurt after a long day wear, therefore there are the best ones for me, the heel is of the right height and form.

What am I wearing?

Skirt: Zara, my suggestion
Shirt: Lindex, my suggestion
Bag: Orsay in Sales, my suggestion
Shoes: very old from US, my suggestion
Bomber jacket: Mango in Sales, my suggestion
Sunglasses: Prada, my suggestion
Necklace: gift from Grand Canaria, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the summer heat!
Love, Aňa

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