13. 7. 2014

Street wear

Hello girls,

these are exactly the days when I am in the mood  of I DO NOT CARE, or I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN.
So I throw on red jeans, striped shirt, cardigan, as we have freezing cold in the office due to the AC and green parka. I put on some very oldies, my cherry kicks from the US. I have lots of memories whit them and therefore I still keep them even though the colour has fade away. What about you, what is your favourite  piece you can't get rid of? Feel free to share...

What am I wearing?

Parka: C&A, my suggestion
Jeans: Lindex, my suggestion
Shoes: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Shirt: H&M in Sales, my suggestion
Cardigan: Takko fashion, my suggestion
Bag: Deichmann, my suggestion
Sunglasses: Prada, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by and sharing,

Love, Aňa

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