18. 7. 2014

Minty Skin

Hello Ladies,

This post was written some time ago, but somehow it disappeared, unless I deleted accidentally. Hard to say. Anyway, I am trying not to follow every trend that comes out, cuz there is so many of them and I would go nuts, if I would be doing so. But when I saw this dress few years back, I loved the cut and the belt emphasizing the waste line. The skirt having pockets, the golden button and the collar. Then I gave it a try and since then, this dress belongs to one of my summer must haves. Mint seems to stay in the spotlight for some time already, so good excuse for me to wear it. The belt is great thing, which I usually pair with other clothes, blazers, jackets, dresses, sweaters, cardigan with everything where I want to show my waste and give my figure a feminine vibe. This dress is definitely a great silhouette builder. 

The bag was another piece that I saw like two years ago in one magazine, then in another one and since then I have been trying to figure out if they will have it in our stores in Ostrava as well, or not. The did, and I bought it, I just love the snakeskin pattern. The necklace is recent purchase in sales and it great fits to this color combination. Never underestimate the sales, you can always find something suitable and great at the same time. What is great sales purchase for you? Let me know...

What am I wearing?

Dress: H&M old, my suggestion similar, also this one and this one are cute
Heels: F&F old, Gran Canaria, my suggestion  or I love these ones
Bag: H&M old, my suggestion or this one
Necklace: CCC, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by, and as I plan to spend the whole week on the festival Colours of Ostrava, I will update you with some outfits later next week, hopefully, if I survive :-D.
In case you are going too, enjoy it and see ya there! 
Love, Aňa

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