28. 7. 2014

Festival mode

Hello Ladies,

as I promised we finally finished our festival month and here goes few outfits which I was able to capture during those summer nights. The first one, we went to Beats for Love fest, which is devoted to electronic music, so we danced the whole night and my feet hurt badly. So, next time I chose appropriate shoes for such night. Flats were definitely wrong option.  Anyway as it was a bit cold especialy during the night, that I had to put on some jacket, of course I chose this amazing bomber from Reserved. I love the material and the pattern. The rest was kept simple.

Jeans: Zara, my suggestion
Shoes: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Bomber jacket: Reserved, my suggestion
Bag: Primark, my suggestion
T-Shirt: H&M, my suggestion
Necklace: CCC, my suggestion
Earings: Unknown brand, my suggestion

For other festival, Colours of Ostrava, we were promised a beautiful sunny weather so I could finally try out some of the summer trends, lace, neon colours or tribal pattern, flowers. For shoes I chose the boots, which definitely took attention of many people, but girls, honestly, I felt no pain and I could dance the night away. Due to the dusty place of the festival, I did not pick any other shoes for those two other outfits as it made no sense, to dirt other shoes, I am just practical :-D.

Skirt: F&F, my suggestion
Top: F&F, my suggestion or this one
Shoes: Botovo, my suggestion
Bag: Unknown brand from Spain, my suggestion
Necklace: H&M, my suggestion
Earings: Unknown brand, my suggestion

Dress: F&F, my suggestion
Boots: Botovo, my suggestion
Earings: Unknown Brand, my suggestion
Bag: LSfashion,  my suggestion

Shorts: DIY jeans tailored to shorts, my suggestion
Boots: as above
Bag: Unknown brand from Spain, my suggestion
Top: H&M in Sales lately, my suggestion

Hope you enjoy and let me know, which one of them you like the most.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know, which outfit you wore to festivals you went to or plan to go, feel free to leave a link to your blog, so I can check myself :-D.
Love, Aňa

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