15. 7. 2014

White lace dress

Hello Ladies,

I hope you have noticed cuz I have :-D, there is a huge trend ongoing and it is white lace and lace in general. And as I like simple, decent things and minimalism as well, the white dress was a must for me. I have been searching quite a long time for such a piece. And then of course while shopping in London, I bought two white dresses. I know it is not exactly a minimalism :-D. So the first one is this one in picture. Decent, very feminine, whit beautiful lace pattern. I added heels with crochet pattern as well and crochet bag, which I have got from my stepmother. It is an old bag, but my favorite considering the holiday travelling. The belt does not belong to the dress, so I took it from the pink dress posted lately. I felt that need to divide my figure and emphasize the waste. The second dress  is more sexy and really a drama one with beautiful necklace around the neckline. But I will post it some other time hopefully. Do you own the white dress? Let me know how you will wear it? 

What am I wearing?

Dress: Primark, my suggestion and this one, totally love them
Shoes: Baťa in Sales, my suggestion
Bag: Kabs, my suggestion
Belt: Primark dress, my suggestion or this one

Thanks for stopping by,
Love, Aňa

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  1. tyy tak tieto saty su fakt krasne, tie sa mi fakt pacia, tie chcem tiez:)