24. 6. 2014

Eternall Classic

Hello Ladies,

difficult meeting in front of me made me to wear something nice and sharp, looking professional and reliable. Hope that this white black combination did it for me.  Unfortunately due to hurry, was not able to capture the leopard pattern of this cute skirt. Jacket is new and of course bought in Sales in H&M.
Who would not buy something for its half price? Right?
By the way Mango has 50% off and H&M as well, so go and check those cute dresses, of all possible kinds!! Anyway what is your eternall classic, let me know :-D.

What am I wearing?

Skirt: H&M in Sales, my suggestion
Jacket: H&M in Sales, my suggestion
Shoes: Tamaris, my suggestion
Bag: H&M very old, in Sales, my suggestion
Shirt: F&F in Sales, my suggestion

Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by,
Love, Aňa

4 komentáře:

  1. Veľmi sa mi páči biele sáčko :)

  2. Vdaka, sacko je z HM, maju ted vypredaje, takze za polovicnu cenu, no nekup to :D a je super...

  3. ty to sačko je fakt super, tiež sa mi páči