7. 6. 2014

My big B-day

Hello Ladies,

this week was really busy. I had to take some exam requiered from my job, so I was studying really hard, just to be able to pass the test on Friday, when my B-day was. Plus we went to see Justin Timberlake in Prague. So we were travelling also during the night, plus the work and study.... well obviously I had no time to post anything. But I have tried to get some pictures from almost everything what happend this week.

Yesterday I officially turned 30. Well, when I see the number it comes to me that I start to get old. And apparently those wrinkles on my forehead and grey hair around my face just proves that I am no longer a teenage girl. Although I still feel like one. :-D I think I am still very young at spirit and I talk sometimes like crazy 20's girl, and of course I still learn. I learn a lot and every day, and I still get it, that even that high number I still have a long way towards wisdom and maturity. Which again makes me feel very young. So, just forget the number, because it is only a number and have fun  in life, make mistakes and learn and do not be afraid of trying things and enjoy every day. You never know how long you will be here.

To my outfit, I have this dress already for two years, bought them of course in Sales in H&M. As you have noticed, I buy clothes mostly in sales. Is it because of the price. I know that sometimes it is great to invest some money.... but sometimes you know that even that piece look great, it is not worthy 800 CZK, it really is not....So, this dress cost 300 CZK and I love it. I wore it to my friends wedding, to my husbands company dinner, to theater and to my B-day! Finished it with beautiful long earings which match perfectly with the colour and with the pattern of flower to the dress and a beautiful summer purse in crazy colour but with snakeskin design. Pastel pink nude heels and off we went for a dinner. We went to my favourite restaurant Comedor, where they cook Mexican and Spanish dishes, which I obviosly LOVE! I love the design of the restaurant, their wines and their desserts. 

What I wore?

Heels: F&F, my suggestion or these or these
Purse: Takko Fashion, my suggestion or this one
Bracelet: Takko Fashion, my suggestion
Earings: Gate
Tights: F&F

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! Let me know which is your favourite restaurant in Ostrava!
Love, Aňa

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  1. Nádhera! Krásne šaty a tiež doplnky! Veľmi sa mi páčia Tvoje outfity a tiež blog :)
    Som veľmi rada, že som ho našla :)