9. 6. 2014

Print season

Hello hello,

I do not know if you have noticed or not but this year seem to be a print season. Every kind of print, leopard, zebra, peacock, etno, galactic....any kind as I said :D....
Leopard is becoming my go to print as well, lately. When in hurry just put on some fitting jeans, heels, leopard blouse and black jacket. The bag is brown but not visible on the picture, I do not even think that you would like it, as I said I was in a hurry :-D.

What I wore?

Jeans: Primark old, my suggestion
Heels: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Bag: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Blouse: C&A in Germany, my suggestion
Jacket: Reserved, my suggestion
Trenchcoat: very old from C&A, my suggestion

And this is how would my suggestion look like - all the clothes available so do not be afraid to check those out in Mango and no this is not a sponsored post:

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the nice weather!
Love, Aňa

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