8. 6. 2014

Red is the new black

Hello Ladies,

red is becoming a very favourite colour of mine. As I have already mentioned, in the past I was scared to wear red just to be a centre of attention, at least I though that people will look at me like that. But now, somehow over the years I have gained confidence of wearing what I like the way I like. Trust me, sometimes it is really a risk and sometimes it is just a great hit!

Last weekend we went for a walk near Ostrava, to dam called Olešná and I really like it here. Many people do the same, as it is always very crowdy with inliners and bikers and people as us just taking a stroll.
What is your favourite place to take a walk? Let me know, just curious!

What I wore?

Jeans: Lindex, my suggestion
Shoes: Reno, my suggestion
Jacket: H&M, my suggestion
Shirt: Primark old, my suggestion
Shirt with long sleeves: New Yorker, my suggestion
Bag: Baťa, my suggestion
Scarf: Earth shopn in the US, my suggestion
Earings: a gift, but regular hoops

So, enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
Love, Aňa

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