6. 5. 2014

Dark blue dress

Hello Ladies,

last year I was reading the Bonprix magazine which my mom gets every month. Then I saw this beautiful cool dress but let's say it this way: it was in some metallic blue color. I asked my mom to buy it for me, and was waiting patiently till it arrives. Of cource I was totally surprised by its color, but... the dark dark blue is definitely something what could not harm. I love that dress cuz it looks very feminine on one side and on the other one, it is still very comfortable and with those pockets and lapels it looks very casual. Of course my dark blue heels could not miss when wearing the dress and my new striped bag is totaly cute with the whole combination. In stores they had also the dark blue striped combination of this bag but the price was surprisingly different, so I went for that red one also from the economic reasons. I kept the accessories very simple. I do not like shopping via magazines as sometimes the difference between the picture and reality might be really big, luckily in my case this time it worked :D. Thanks Verun for taking those pics.

What am I wearing?

dress: Bonprix
Shoes: Deichmann
Tights: F&F
Earings: Gate
Bag: new incomer to my closet, Bata in Sales of course

Hope you like it. Thanks for reading and comments.
Love Aňa

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