22. 5. 2014

Leopard love

Hello Ladies,

there were times when I was afraid to wear leopard pattern or any big pattern, somehow it was not in my nature to bring the attention to me or my outfit. I wanted to play it on the safe side. But the times have changed and me as well. I am not afraid anymore and I would even say that I love love love this particular pattern, I have few more pieces and dress with it. This dress was another catch - it was in smaller size then I usually wear but once I tried it on, it fit perfectly like it was just meant to be for me. So I bought the dress and it is sooo comfortable and wearable that you would not even imagine. I had worn it to many ocassions and still when I am in doubt and in hurry, this is a suitable piece of garment. I pair it with pastel pink shoes as the dress is not in traditional brown colour but in colour with a small touch of violet. There is a cute bow on the side. This time I wore also a jacket with longer back and belt to emphasize the waist area. As you can see even the inside fabric of the jacket is with leopar pattern, wrrrrr. I am holding my new wallet, a gift from my man from his business trip. Thanks again hun!

What am I wearing?

Jacket: Guess, a gift but loving this one or this one
Belt: part of a dress from Orsay, which I usually wear like 
Heels: F&F from last season, but have seen them again in stores, good posibility for summer or these ones or from Botovo
Wallet: Mango
Dress: F&F from last year, nice option or cheaper one
Necklace: H&M in Sales, interesting possibility or this one

Please enjoy and have a nice sunny day,
Love, Aňa

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