8. 5. 2014

Casual stroll

Hello Ladies,

last few months have been pretty rough and therefore my garderobe was more or less consisting of some casual easy to throw on pieces. We had a bank holiday in Czech Republic. During my visit of the hometown I bought also these cute red kicks. When I put them on I knew that these shoes are made for walking :-D. So, not long after that I tried them out. They were in Sales, they are red and match to my new bag and are comfortable and as you have noticed they are the latest trend in fashion. So release your feet and go for a walk!

What am I wearing?

Ripped Jeans: Zara in Sales
Bag: Baťa
Shoes: Reno but similar
Parka: C&A seen here
Denim shirt: F&F but right now many options in every store available

Thanks for reading and stopping by. Have a nice day off.
Love Aňa

2 komentáře:

  1. joo super, s tymi mojimi botami, by to uz fakt bolo moc.

  2. no tie tvoje boty, by museli byt opacne, s cervenou kabelkou...:-D a biele dzinsy a kludne i jeansova bundicka modra...